Your personal privacy while using

To enable certain aspects of our service we collect data about our users. This includes Cookies and other Data. If you sign in we will have registered your Email and password, also we register Name and Last name. If you choose to upload photos we store these. These may be your personal data, by uploading photos you are enabeling other users to download these from the internet. We track sessions of users on our site using the very famous Google Analytics service. We also use Google Adsense on our site. We store IP address for technical reasons of our service. We do not intened to manipulate or sell any of your personal data. But by using our service you are putting your thrust in us, we appreciate this and take this matter most seriously. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on

Data collected and why we collect it

Google analytics

Tracks your behaviour, we can analyse and improve our service with this data.

Google Adsense

To provide a free service we use Ads.


To enable technical implementations of our service.


Enables technical implementations

Email and password

Enables our login functionality.

Firstname and lastname

We wish to present the photographers as individualls.

Meta information in Photographs

We use certain information from photos you upload. This data is present in the photograph as Exif data. This data may include: Location, Date and Time, Tags, Camera, Size, Resolution.